Glossary of Terms

Average Correct % The average correct score for the group of users that have completed a quiz.
Factoids Extra tidbits of information that pop up after a user answers a question regardless if they got it right or wrong.
Knowledge Delta The numerical difference between 1st and latest quiz taken.
Knowledge Gain A percentage change calculation of the average first and average latest correct percentages. This helps you understand how much knowledge has been recaptured through Trivie.  What can I view on my Admin Dashboard?
Requisite Resource
A resource that is marked as required viewing and presented to the user before they attempt to take a quiz. What is a Requisite Resource?
Files that users can view from within the game to add additional content. These can be used to help users learn while they're taking a quiz. How do I add resources?
Tag Key
Tag key is a category for tags. Tags and Segments - Organizing your users

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