What can I view on my Admin Dashboard?

The Overview section of the Dashboard provides you with high-level performance and engagement stats.

Stats Panel

The top stats panel includes:

  • Active Users (Today)
    • How many users were active today? "Active" includes signing-in, or completing an action such as taking a quiz or replying to a discussion post.
  • Active Users (30-days)
    • Same as above, but how many users were active over the last 30-day period?
  • Total Users
    • How many users accounts exist in the system right now? Note, this does not include admin users.
  • Quizzes Completed (Total)
    • How many quizzes have your users completed in total? Note, this does not take into consideration quiz completions by deleted users or for deleted quizzes.
  • Avg. Session Length
    • On average, how many minutes/seconds do your users spend per session?

Results Activity

The results activity line-chart shows the last 30-days of quiz result activity separated by pass/fail.

Knowledge Gain

The knowledge gain section shows averaged performance metrics across all users and quizzes. This formula lets you quickly see how much your users knowledge is increasing.

  • Avg. Latest Correct % is the average of every user's most recent score.
  • Avg. First Correct % is the average of every user's first score.
  • Knowledge Delta is the average latest correct percentage minus the average first correct percentage.
  • Knowledge Gain is a percentage change calculation of the average first and average latest correct percentages.

Difficult Question (Top Five)

This shows the top 5 questions where the majority of users answered incorrectly. You can click on the question to view the questions' profile.

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