Learner FAQs

Where can I locate my game’s access code?

Click on your email address in the top-right corner of the header of any page and a drop-down menu will open up and show you your 4-digit access code.

Can I change my access code?

No, but if you feel that your company's access code might be compromised please reach out to support@trivie.com.

I took a quiz and want to retake it. I don't see it anymore; what's going on?

There are 2 answers for this:

1. The window to complete your assignment has closed. 

2. You were sent an Assessment, which you can only take once:

I can't access Trivie.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset it yourself, or reach out to an administrator.

To reset it yourself, navigate to play.trivie.com, enter your email, and then should be prompted to enter your password. If you've forgotten it or just want to refresh, click the Forgot Password button to get an email to reset!

What browsers support Trivie?

Trivie will work great on any browser except Internet Explorer!

Wait, there's a Trivie app? Cool! How do I get it on my phone?

Hop over to your App Store and search for Trivie. Download directly to your mobile device, use your sign-in credentials, and get the full Trivie experience! 

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