How do I import content?

Getting Started

There are two ways to get your content into Trivie: one is to create each question individually using the question creation form. The other is to bulk import them via CSV or Excel file.

See How do I view, add, or edit questions.

Here we'll step you through the process of importing your content starting at the beginning.

Once you're signed in to the management system, click on the "Content" button (see the icon above) on the main left-side navigation and you will be taken to the Content section.

Then click on the "Import" button in the table actions menu (it'll look like this one):


First, download one of these import templates:

It doesn't really matter which one you pick, all popular spreadsheet editors should be able to open and save files in either format. But, you will need a spreadsheet editor such as Microsoft Office, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, or even OpenOffice Calc.

You can use this template to populate multiple-choice questions OR true/false questions. When you open the template you'll see the following headers:

  • topic
    • You can optionally enter the name of a Topic to associate the question with.
  • question
    • Here's where you enter the text of the question itself (e.g. "How were my employees ever remembering anything without Trivie?).
  • correct_answer
    • In this field you'll type in the correct answer to the question (e.g. "They probably weren't")
  • wrong_answer_1
    • In this field, and the next one (wrong_answer_2) you'll enter in your distractors.
  • wrong_answer_2
  • factoid
    • The factoid field is entirely optional, but if you want to include any extra information that the user will see after they answer the question, here is where you can enter that.

You can fill in your multiple-choice of true/false-questions each on separate rows like this:

For true/false questions, be sure to only enter the word "TRUE" or "FALSE" in the correct answer column (depending on which is correct) and leave the wrong_answer_1 and wrong_answer_2 values empty.

Save and Upload

Save the document to a place you can find it (such as to your desktop), and then import it by either clicking or drag & dropping over the "Drag & drop or click to select file..." section that looks like this one:

Checking for Errors

If any errors are detected in the file, you will be shown the errors immediately.

You will not be able to import a file unless there are zero errors detected. The error messages will explain what is wrong with the question row.

If you can't figure out how to resolve the issue reach out to and we'll help you figure it out. Don't forget to attach your file to the email!

Otherwise, if there are no errors you will just see something like this:

Completing the Import

Don't forget to click the "Import Content" button to send your file to the server.

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