How do I buy Trivie?

Ready to increase your engagement and empower employees to remember their training? Let's get you started! If you still have a few questions before you pull the trigger, one of our product experts will be happy to help. In either case, reach out to us here.

If you have questions about pricing, check out this page for an overview. For companies with 10,001+ employees, contact us via the form above for pricing so we can discuss any enterprise integration needs. 

For most customers who have training and assessment content ready to go, we can get you up and running in less than 30 minutes. Our onboarding and customer success teams will guide you step-by-step, or you can follow our self-service guides and go at your own speed. 

For larger customers, we'll scope out integrations and launch strategy to get you implemented and leverage our best practices while doing so. 

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