How do I manually add content?

The Ways to Add Content

There are two ways to get your content into Trivie: one is to bulk import your content - which you can find the steps to here: How do I bulk import content? The other is to manually create your Topics, Quizzes, and Questions.

Manually Adding Content 

Once you're signed in to the management system, click on the "Content" button (see the icon above) on the main left-side navigation to be taken to the Content section.

You'll notice 3 tabs at the top of the Content section. We've built out our folder system to include 3 main buckets: Topics ➡️ Quizzes ➡️ Questions

  • Topics are big buckets that hold your Quizzes. 
  • Quizzes are big buckets of Questions. This gives you even more flexibility in how you organize your content!


You'll want to create your Topic and Quiz buckets. To do this you will click the Create button on each of those tabs:

You'll give your Topic and Quiz a name. 


Now it's time to add your questions! You can do this in 2 places.

1. In your Quiz tab, you can select from the drop-down the Quiz you'd like to add questions to and click Create

2. Under the Questions tab, you can click the Create button, create your question, and tie it to your previously created Quiz. 


Creating Questions: You have numerous question types to choose from:

  • Multiple-choice
  • Multiple correct
  • True/false
  • Image questions

Once you hit the Create button for your questions, you'll have the ability to create your question and answers. See below for an example of how to set up each question type:

1. Multiple-Choice:

2. Multiple Correct: 
Click each X to change them to green checkmarks to determine all correct answers:

3. True/False 
Use the trash can icon to delete your 3rd option 

4. Image Questions
Enter your question type and click Optional Settings to upload your image!

Pro Tip: Additionally, under Optional Settings, you can add Factoids to any of your questions! What's a Factoid again? Check out our Glossary of Terms


After you've created your question, click one of the options in the top bar. If you're all done, select Save Question.

Have more to add? Click Save Question and Create Another! 

Pro Tip:

We've included the character limits below based on our user research and years of experience in gamification. Simplicity drives engagement :). 

Topics: 64 character count

Quizzes: 64 character count

Questions: No character count - nice!

Correct and Wrong Answers: 160 characters

Factoids: 1,024 character count 

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