What Trivie settings can I adjust?

Navigate to the Settings tab on the left-hand navigation bar:

Here you can configure Trivie for your users! Let's break it down... 

There are 5 tabs at the top that allow you to adjust certain settings within Trivie. We'll go through each tab and what you change on each one: 


Company / Institution Name

This is where you enter the name of your company or institution. What is entered here will show up on your login page as well as pre-populate in Trivie emails. 


When a policy is entered, a menu option in the game will appear that allows your users to view the content. Enter any relevant policy or legal information you wish to display within the game. You can also create a button on the Policy page within the game that links to this URL by using the Policy URL field. 


Add, remove, update, or reset passwords for your Admins in this section

Pro Tip: Need to make a user an Admin? Find them under the People, User tab and switch ON their Admin Privileges!

Want to know more about managing Admins? Check out How do I manage admin accounts?


Learn how to manage your branding.


Use these toggles to determine which emails and push notifications users should receive. We recommend you leave all options ON so users know what's going on in Trivie! 


There's lots you can customize here so let's jump in:


Allow User Registration: Allowing user registrations gives users who have not been added manually, added via an import, or added via an HR system integration the ability to register themselves if they have your company's Trivie access code. Using this option would allow you to send an email/communications to users that you would like to invite, providing them with your organization's unique access code and the login URL (play.trivie.com).

Pro Tip: This is a great way to invite users if you don't have their emails, or if you'd like to use Trivie live at an event. 

Hourly Warning: If you have hourly employees, you can turn on the Hourly Warning which shows the following message and they must accept to continue.


Here you can manage Discussions, Challenges, and User Profile Stats. 

Pro Tip: We highly recommend leaving Discussions and Challenges ON to promote engagement between users. Companies who encourage social learning via Discussions and Challenges see a 15%-25% higher engagement rate. 


This feature is defaulted to ON and we recommend keeping it on. Adaptive Learning is our super cool AI technology that identifies specific cadence and content users need additional reinforcement on! 


The default Cooldown period for a Learn assignment is 1 hour. Here you can customize how long you'd like that cooldown period to be based on if a user Passes or Fails. 

Pro Tip: A passing score by Trivie standards is 70% or better! 


Get the skinny on Leaderboards here!


Want to give users a little help with their assignments? Then leave these power-ups on! 

Eraser: Removes one wrong answer from the available choices.

Poll: This shows the frequency at which each answer was selected by other users.

Sounds & Music

Turn on/off sounds and music for users.

User Levels

When User Levels is enabled users will move up in levels as they earn points. These levels will be presented to them when they tier up and visible on their profile.

Here you can customize your level names, pictures, and points.

Pro Tip: We recommend making the first few levels easily attainable and then ramping up the points for those higher levels. Gamification 101 :). 


The standard configuration is set to 1 point per correct answer. Want to give your users more points for correct answers? Go for it! 

You can also encourage engagement by allotting custom points to users for posting discussions, replying to discussions, earning badges, and sending challenges. 


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