What can I see at a User level?

First, navigate to the People tab on the main left-side navigation menu, then click on the Users tab in the top bar.

From there, find the user you want to view more details on and click their row to visit their overview page. On the right side there is a navigation bar that looks like this:

Click on any of these options to view a user's overview page, assignment details, question recall probability, quiz results details, or the badges that the user has earned. So much data at your fingertips!

On their Overview page, you can see high-level performance and engagement data, as well as a chart showing their last 30-days of activity, a section to view and manage their tags, and promote them to an Admin if needed.

Pro Tip: If you have custom points turned ON, you'll be able to see a breakdown of how users have earned those points!

How do I view a user's assignment performance and engagement?

From the User overview page click on the Assignment tab in the right-hand corner to see their assignment performance and engagement data.

How do I see a user's quiz results?

From the User overview page click on the Results tab in the right-hand corner to see a list of all quiz results for the user and details for each. By clicking on a quiz result row, you can view what the user got right and wrong and how they answered each question in the quiz.

How do I see what badges a user has received?

From the User overview page click on the Badges tab in the right-hand corner to see a list of all badges that a user has earned and when they were earned.

How do I add users?

Check out How do I import users?

How do I reset a user's password?

You can reset a User's password by clicking the checkbox next to their name, and clicking Reset Password(s). You can reset multiple users' passwords at once by selecting multiple users. 

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