All About Quizzes

You will find all of your Quizzes within the Content tab on the left-hand navigation bar:

You'll notice 3 tabs at the top of the Content section. We've built out our folder system to include 3 main buckets: Topics ➡️ Quizzes ➡️ Questions

  • Topics are big buckets that hold your Quizzes. 
  • Quizzes are big buckets of Questions. This gives you a lot of flexibility in how you organize your content.

Here you will find all uploaded Quizzes available to assign to your users. You can manually add a new Quiz, or import new ones individually or multiple at a time (See How do I view, add, or edit questions?).

By clicking a Quiz, you can see if it has been assigned previously. Click into any Quiz to get additional information such as Quiz lifetime overview, specific questions, and results. 


Click a specific quiz and the Questions tab you can create, delete, and put questions in a specific order.

Pro Tip:

Click into any question at the Quiz level to get more detailed information on the answers selected! 

Navigating Quiz Analytics


Get a quick glance of important information for your Quiz by Segment


When you click on the Results tab you can view individual user stats for this quiz.


Get quick, quiz-level reports!

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