What are assignments?

Assignments are how you connect your people and your content. Once you have created (or imported) your users into Trivie and you have your content created, then you're ready to assign your content to your people.

How do I create an assignment?

When viewing the assignments table, click the Create button to go to the assignment creation form.

The assignment creation form has five parts:

1. Settings

Assignments need a name so that you can keep track of which one is which. We recommend that you use something unique and describes who or what you are assigning to ( e.g. "September 2019 New Hires Assignment").

Once you've named your assignment there are a variety of settings you can configure:

  • Assessment Mode
    • Enable to restrict users to one attempt per quiz(like an exam). This lets you create a point-in-time reference of knowledge.
  • Competition Mode
    • If enabled, assigned users will have access to a separate leaderboard specifically for this assignment.
  • Auto-Reinforcement
    • If enabled, Trivie will automatically create personalized reinforcement for each user based on the quizzes of this assignment.
  • Notify Users?
    • If enabled, users will receive an email and/or push notification at the start date of the assignment.
  • Timer
    • If enabled, a timer will be enforced for each question in this assignment. (Not available when Assessment mode is enabled.)
  • Timer Duration
    • If the timer is turned on you will have access to the Timer Duration setting.
    • By default timers are set to 10 seconds, but you can modify this value for this assignment by selecting a different value below.

You can use the on/off toggle switch next to each of these settings to configure them.

2. Quizzes

Here you'll pick which quizzes you want to be included in the assignment. Click on the checkbox next to any quiz(s) you want to be included.

3. Segments

Here you'll pick which segments you want to receive access to the assignment. Click on the checkbox next to any segment(s) you want to be included.

What are tags and segments?

4. Schedule

Here you can pick the start and finish dates for your assignment. Users will receive access to the assignment on the start date, and will no longer have access on the finish date.

5. Confirm & Publish

On this last step you're simply asked to review everything to make sure it's correct before saving. If everything looks good, click the "Save Assignment" button and then sit back and relax (or go create another assignment, slacker!)

How do I view assignments?

Click on the "Assign" button on the main left-side navigation and you will be taken to the Assignments section. By default it shows you the Active assignments, but there are three tabs across the top (Active, Scheduled, and Completed) and clicking on any of these tabs will filter the assignments by status.

  • Active assignments are those in which the start date has arrived, and the finish date has not yet arrived.
  • Scheduled assignments are those with a start date in the future.
  • Completed assignments are those with a finish date in the past or with 100% of users having completed a quiz that was part of the assignment.
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