How do I add and view tags?

You can view or add tags under the People tab in the left hand navigation bar.

How do I add tags?

Under the Tags section in the upper bar, you can add new Tags by clicking the Add button.

The Tag Key should be something to describe the type of tag being created – for example "Department" or "Location"

The Tag Value should be the specific value of the Tag Key, to follow the previous example of "Department" you could enter the something like "Sales".

If you want a segment to be created that matches this tag, enable the Auto-Create Segment option when saving the Tag.

What are these? Check out What are Tags and Segments?

How do I see which Tags a User has?

Click into the User tab, find the user, and then click their row – this will take you to their overview screen which contains a list of the tags they have.

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