What are Topics?

You will find all the topics within the Content tab on the left hand navigation bar:

Here you will find all uploaded Topics available to assign to your users. You can manually add a new topic, or Import new or multiple at a time (See How do I view, add, or edit questions?).

By clicking a topic, you can see if a topic has been assigned previously as well as the Average Correct %, Knowledge Delta, Knowledge Gain, and when it was Last Completed. 

Click into any topic to get additional information such as topic lifetime overview, specific questions, and results. 


By clicking a specific topic and the the Questions bar: 

you can view the specific questions within each Topic. Click any question to get more in-depth information on answers selected:


When you click on the Results tab within the Content tab you can view users who have started taking this assigned topic, if they've completed it, the % correct, and when they started it. 

Click into any user to see how they performed on the topic:

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